Heal yourself naturally, simply and with lasting results

I’ll change your diet so that it treats your health problems and helps you to feel better.

How does it work? The consultation is divided into 3 parts:

  1. We’ll talk about how you are currently feeling and what problems you experience.
  2. I’ll diagnose your pulse. That will allow me to find out where in the body is the problem.
  3. I’ll tell you which foods are the best for improving your health and foods that you should exclude for some time. Also, I’ll give you recommendations what other things you can do to get better (fitness, yoga, swimming, meditation etc.).
  • Initial examination and consultation (60 min) – 800 CZK
  • Follow-up consultations (45 – 60 min) – 500 CZK

The amount of necessary consultations is individual because it is dependent on your health state. Each disease and each one of us needs its time.

Natural path to health

The simplest way how to improve your health is through food. We’ll find the right way for you to feel better without chemicals and supplements.

Want to lose weight?

Finally a food plan that brings you desired results that you’re waiting for. Don’t worry, we won’t be counting the calories.

I search for the cause

9 out of 10 people use medication that doesn’t solve the cause of their sickness. Are you one of them? Drugs help us in many ways but they will not help you treat the cause of the health issue. Therefore, if you want to get rid of health problems you have to first find their source.

Unique food plan

Your food plan will consist of commonly available resources and it will change together with you.

I respect your uniqueness

Each one of us is different. We have different needs and life style. In nutrition it’s the same. Especially when we are sick. I acknowledge these differences during therapy.

I want to hear your story

Sickness often reflects even our mental distress. Stress or negative emotions affect each one of us. However, sometimes even small changes lead to big improvements.

Keep the right balance

Set the right balance in your body naturally and simply by replenishing the nutrients that you are missing.

Human body is a complex organism and in order for the body to serve us well, we have to give it what it needs.

If we are lacking some nutrients or conversely have excess amounts of them, we fall sick.

By selecting the right foods or by changing your habits you can directly heal the cause of your sickness which is the imbalance of the body.


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